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I do not know what to write. I like to read blogs, so I thought it would be nice to have my own. I do this with two aims:

  • Improve my writing speed. Currently I tend to be perfectionist and to spend a lot of time when I have to compose a text, especially in English; writing this blog, I will practice writing down my thoughts with a reasonable speed. I speak Italian as my mother tongue, and I am not used to write in English, so I will surely make a lot of errors: I apologize beforehand for any orthographic or grammatical mistake.
  • Improve my critical thinking abilities. Writing down what I think will force me to examine it with more logical rigor. I hope that, in the long run, the quality of my posts will improve, and that I will be able to produce well-argomented posts.

Currently, I am writing only for myself. I do not expect to have readers; but if you are reading this and you do not remember having written it, then I am humbled by your visit and will greatly appreciate any feedback (above all, I would love if you could point out to me factual or logical errors in what I write).

This is all for now. Now I guess I have to start producing real content.

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